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Costa Brava Adventure Park…
fun and emotion, adventure and nature, agility, ability and courage!!

Challenge your abilities and enjoy a few hours of adventure surrounded by nature!
Slide at full speed on the more than 500 meters of zip wires!
Leap into the void from a height of 10 meters and release pure adrenaline!


Costa Brava Parc Aventura Pals is a treetop adventure park located in the heart of the Costa Brava, with more than 90 adventure activities suspended in the trees: more than 500 meters of zip wires, leaps into the void, ropes, nets, bridges, tunnels, Tarzan jumps, stirrups, swinging logs and even slide on skateboard… 

Our adventure park consists of 7 aerial trekking courses of different difficulty where you and your children will test your aptitudes and abilities and you will enjoy strong emotions in family or with friends. Ideal to spend the day with your children, colleagues, scholar groups, for birthday parties, business events, bachelor farewell parties or any other celebration. 


Features, equipment and services:

  • More than 3 hectares of pine forest
  • More than 90 adventure activities in 6 aerial trekking courses
  • More than 500 meters of zip wires
  • Two leaps into the void
  • Activities for children and adults of all ages and physical conditions
  • Welcome centre and equipment area
  • Bar and picnic area
  • Playground for children from 0 to 5 years old
  • Toilets
  • Parking place for bicycles
  • Parking for more than 50 cars and accessible for coaches

Our park complies with the European safety regulations UNE EN 15567-1 for the construction, and UNE EN 15567-2 for the park operations.