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 For minors the presence of a responsible adult on the ground or on trees is mandatory. 

 To contract the activities of the park is obliged to sign the SAFETY REGULATIONS

Do I need to pay at the entrance of the park?
What do I find in the park?
Are any previous experience required?
What do I need to bring?
What is the minimum age to start?
The park is also for adults?
Do I need to have certain physical preparation?
Do I have to bring special equipment?
What am I entitled to with the entry?
Is there a weight limit?
How long does it take to do the circuits?
If I cannot continue in the middle of a circuit, what should I do?
Do I need to climb with my children?
Can we repeat the circuit?
Can we eat in the park?
Animals can access the interior?
What are the function of the monitors?
Are the activities ever ceased?
Are there different levels?
Do we need to book the picnic area?